Newport & Laguna Beach .

The sky was covered in LA on Sunday morning, so it was a bit skeptical that we headed south for a day at the beach, and what a surprise! 
A beautiful blue sky and a radiant and imperturbable sun accompanied us throughout this Easter Sunday :) 



Hollywood Sign

Here is a small list of the places where one sees best the famous Hollywood Sign which makes dream so much: 


Venice Beach, baby!

For our second day in LA, a little stroll to the seaside was essential. It is only natural that I wanted to discover my darling beaches of Venice and Santa Monica. 
Venice is completely crazy and Santa Monica, cleaner and more stuffy. 
Here are some photos of Venice :) 


Universal City



As it was a bit gray Wednesday morning, we headed downtown, Los Angeles financial center. 
Downtown, you can find everything. The worst, like the best. Architectural treasures, vestiges of the city, immense buildings of glass and steel, hyper trendy restaurants, small shops and more modest streets to the districts to be avoided.